An Insider’s Guide to Shopping in Juneau, Alaska

This article, An Insider’s Guide to the Shopping in Juneau, Alaska, is part 2 of a 3 part series entitled An Insider’s Guide to Juneau, Alaska: The Arts, Shopping and Dining. Read Part 1 Shopping in Juneau Whether you’re shopping for art, keepsakes, crafts, clothing, culinary delights or just the fun odd or end, you’ll […]

An Insider’s Guide to the Arts in Juneau, Alaska

This article, An Insider’s Guide to the Arts in Juneau Alaska, is part 1 of a 3 part series entitled An Insider’s Guide to Juneau, Alaska: The Arts, Shopping and Dining. Juneau, Alaska is a modern, cosmopolitan city nestled in a pristine rainforest located in Southeastern Alaska on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Often […]

Luxury Vacations in Juneau, Alaska

As the capital of Alaska, Juneau boasts a myriad of natural and man-made splendors, as well as the finest luxury vacation destinations in the state. Juneau was ranked as the #11 city in the nation for living by MSNBC. The rankings were based on a “quality of life” rating that took factors like affluence, price […]

Alaskan Luxury Real Estate – What Is It, and Where Can You Find the Best of It?

What exactly is Luxury Real Estate? When people hear the term, they often conjure images of large, sprawling manors nestled cozily on well manicured lots the size of small US states, and in many cases their imagined palaces are indeed apt examples. However in reality, there are many more factors involved in earning the rank […]

Dressing for Alaska Vacations

Weather in Alaska Weather will obviously play a large role in what you choose to pack for your Alaskan vacation. The time of year you visit will significantly affect the weather you will experience, as will the areas to which you travel. In general, Western Alaska tends to be cold and stormy while Southeastern Alaska […]

Vacationing in Juneau, Alaska

Are you an Alaskan Cruiser? Alaska has amazing scenery, incredibly rich history and native cultures, wonderfully modern shopping and dining and a natural, unspoiled splendor that few places on earth can best. For most people, deciding to vacation in Alaska isn’t an issue: there’s so much to do and see, the question isn’t “Should we […]

Juneau’s Golden History

For hundreds of thousands of year’s native Indians called the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian were the only occupiers of Southeast Alaska. They had lived comfortably in what is now called Auke Bay. They were very successful fishermen, had a wealth of resources and led a peaceful, abundant and quiet life. That is until the late […]

So Many Things To Do In Juneau, Alaska

Just about everyone who goes to Juneau, whether it is for a vacation or to relocate has one thing in common — a love of the great outdoors. Due to Alaska’s beautiful mountains, lakes and beaches, it is one of the world’s greatest places to enjoy outdoor recreation. One very popular excursion in the Juneau […]

Auke Bay – Juneau, Alaska

The gorgeous Auke Bay is an essential part of Juneau, Alaska. It is a small bay community with phenomenal views including the remarkable Mendenhall Glacier. Auke Lake is a 160 acre lake that is a wonderful part of this community, primarily due to its abundance of fish including salmon, steelhead and cutthroat, but also because […]

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